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Using CardExhange producer while printing cards

7 months 3 weeks ago
Jason Hathaway
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Using CardExhange producer while printing cards #7094
Can you use cardexchange producer while printing and encoding cards?
We have a customer that prints hundreds of cards for adhoc visitors throughout the day - They are struggling to keep up with the flow of visitors arriving as they don't seem to be able to use cardexchange (to input new visitors) while they are printing badges for other visitors.
Environment: Version 10 Enterprise, Windows 7 & 10 clients, Zebra ZXP7 printers reading CSN from Desfire and Ultralight C (No writing back to card) Storage Items writing to various databases.
7 months 2 weeks ago
Craig Bechelli
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Using CardExhange producer while printing cards #7097
Hi Jason,

The only other option is to look at using print servers and possibly dispatchers. When the print job is sent to a print server the user can then continue working with CardExchange.

Let me know if you want to know more.


Craig Bechelli
CardExchange Solutions Support Team

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