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Camera lag time

3 years 2 months ago
Anthony Sobers
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Camera lag time #6739
Good Day Guys

I have recently used card exchange producer with a database of around 600000 ID, its deployed over a network with 12 users within varying locations. All the users are accessing 1 card located on a server, and all users have access to the card via a mapped drive. i have a couple problems and i am wondering if there is anyone who can help.

1. The application takes 50 seconds to get to the login screen, and another 50 seconds to login in after authentication.
2. When a photo is taken it takes about 1 minute to save.

It may not seem like much time but when you have a quere of 100 people in a line waiting for a permit it becomes and issue. I have tried to reduce to size of the image saved but to no avail.

Can anyone assit
3 years 2 months ago
Craig Bechelli
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Camera lag time #6748
Hi Anthony,

What are the network speeds like?

If it is a Small Business Server edition then CardExchange has to communicate with the license server to detirmine if a valid license is available.
This does take slightly longer tha ta stand alone installation but not much.

Is the photo stored in the database or on a folder location on the network?

Do you have all 600000 records loading all the time?
Is it possible tha we cna set a filter to reduce the number to something more reasonable?
Perhaps we could set some filters so that you can group them into more manageable groups so that they are not all loaded at once?


Craig Bechelli
CardExchange Solutions Support Team

"If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution." (Steve Jobs)
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