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How do I generate an Evacuation report?

3 years 8 months ago
Craig Bechelli
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How do I generate an Evacuation report? #6493
In the event of an emergency you can click on Evacuation report to quickly print out a report of all visitors currently checked-in.
This button is always shown in the bottom right of all views to allow quick access to it.

Clicking the Evacuation report button will prompt you with the print dialog window for you to select the desired printer, all printers on the system appear so you can print to any printer you have.

You can also view the Evacuation report by selecting the Reports view and choosing the Evacuation report from the list on the left of the screen

The Evacuation report shows the key information for each person currently checked-in, this includes the following.

First name - Shows the persons first name
Last name - Shows the persons last name
Mobile phone - Shows the persons mobile phone number
Disabled - Shows whether the person is disabled or not
Disability - If the person is disabled then their disability will be shown
Photo - Shows the persons photo
Event - Shows the event that the person is attending, otherwise it will show Incidental visit
Host - Shows whether the person is the host of an event or not

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