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How can I protect CardExchange™ Visitor with user

3 years 8 months ago
Craig Bechelli
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How can I protect CardExchange™ Visitor with user #6491
User Authorizations are created and setup for a reason, and that reason is security. From the Standard edition of CardExchange™ Visitor, we offer advanced user authorizations with login functionality.

In order to create more control for the Administrators of CardExchange™ Visitor, we offer the ability to create user authorization levels. This helps limit user infractions and protect areas within CardExchange™ Visitor that the common user should not be utilizing. This high level security allows you to protect the software and functionality from user errors.

Setting up User Authorizations does not make any sense if you are not using a login mechanism therefore the first step is to select the Enable logins feature under the configuration tab of either the Visitors or Events views.

When selecting a dialog will prompt for confirmation.
When you confirm this feature, the User Account Setup Wizard will start.

A step by step guide for creating and setting up users can be found in our online help file:

To disable the User Authorizations, uncheck the Enable logins feature check box, a dialog will pop up, select Yes to disable the functionality.

Craig Bechelli
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