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The installed license codes are not valid

7 years 7 months ago 7 years 7 months ago by Rutger Koperdraad.
Rutger Koperdraad
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The installed license codes are not valid #2321
A customer wrote:

I am trying to activate CardExchange on a computer that doesn't have internet access. I activated the license on another computer, and copied the license file over to the computer I’m working on. It says it was accepted, but then I get the following error message.

-- Activation Info --
Date=Friday, August 10, 2012
ErrorMessage=The installed license codes are not valid.

Well, this is certainly not the way to do it. The process of activating a license is using the activation code to generate license that only works a specific computer. Computers are characterized by a so-called machine ID and you activated teh license for the machine ID of the other computer. So it will not work on the one you need it for.

The correct procedure is this:

1. Install CardExchange on the computer without internet access and go to the activation window.
2. The activation window shows the machine ID, which you should write down on a piece of paper.
3. Go to on another computer.
4. Enter the serial number, activation code and machine ID and click Activate
5. In case you already activated the license on another PC, confirm that you want to move it by clicking Activate again.
6. Save the *.lic file to a USB stick.
7. Connect the USB stick to the original computer.
8. In the activation window, select the Advanced button.
9. Use the three-dots button to select the *.lic file from the USB stick.
10. Click Activate.

I hope that helps you out.


Rutger Koperdraad
Senior Software Engineer

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3 years 2 weeks ago
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The installed license codes are not valid #6805
Hi, Tried the steps but still same error... please help
3 years 2 weeks ago
Craig Bechelli
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The installed license codes are not valid #6806
Could you please confirm that you are installing the correct version of CardExchange Producer for the licens eyou have?
Also that you are installing on either Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 ?


Craig Bechelli
CardExchange Solutions Support Team

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