License Activation Troubleshooting

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CardExchange Producer uses a license file to store, validate, and reference for license activation. After activating a license, the application writes encrypted details to a license file located here:

At the same time, the application sends an update to CardExchange's backend licensing system noting the software serial number used, the machine ID that it married to, and the time and date of the activation. The number of activations can also be seen by a CardExchange Technician upon request.

The file lservrc is a plain text file containing the encrypted information, and some unencrypted information that may describe the edition of the license installed, and the time in which it was installed. At startup, CardExchange Producer reads this file and validates it, comparing the Machine-ID contained in the encrypted data to the current machine-id the application reads at runtime.

A change in the Machine-id may result in the application request license reactivation, depending on which Machine-id is married to the software serial number in the encrypted data.

To force a reactivation of the software, simply rename the lservrc file to something else. When the application starts, it will see the file lservrc does not exist in the folder path location, and creates a new lservrc file and prompts the user to activate the software.

Multiple lservrc files could be kept to troubleshoot the active license installed on the client, or completely removed to ensure reactivation is prompted.

This step of renaming or removing the existing license file is required to resolve license issues where the "Your license has been disabled, please contact your distributor to receive a new license" type error.

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