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Auto-Print mode with multiple printers

10 years 11 months ago
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Auto-Print mode with multiple printers #554
I am trying to use auto-print mode with two printers (connected to two different pc's and 2 CardExchange Ver 4 software).
The issues is when the triggers are started (from 2 different computers), both printers print exactly the same cards instead of alternating. I want the printers to share/split the print jobs instead of printing same print jobs.
Could you please advice me on how to achieve this task.

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10 years 11 months ago
Rutger Koperdraad
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Auto-Print mode with multiple printers #561
Hi Thivi,

The autoprint module as such doesn't offer a solution for this situation. What would probably be the easiest solution is to define a filter on both CardExchange installations and let for example printer one print only odd ids while printer two prints the even ids. If you are adding new records and use an autonumber field for the id, this will give the desired effect.

For more sofisticated distribution of print jobs over several printers, you what need to purchase the CardExchange Network Printing kit. CardExchange Network Printing allows to distribute print jobs over several print servers on different computers.

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