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Edit Trigger Conditions - Basic Triggers?

4 years 2 months ago
Fresh Boarder
Fresh Boarder
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Edit Trigger Conditions - Basic Triggers? #6402

I'm looking to create a trigger that prints multiple cards when a record is inserted into a database.

That way I can trigger it 10000 ms to search the field and if the number is less than or equal to 3 print a card.

It works once if the record qualifies (under 3).
If the number is 0 it prints 1, adds 1 to the database field and stops
It does not go and search the database again 10 seconds later and see that it says 2 in the field and print again.

Also, what other strings can we put into the field? Can we do "or" statements?
IS NULL  or  <=3

Thank you,
4 years 2 months ago
Craig Bechelli
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Edit Trigger Conditions - Basic Triggers? #6405
Unfortunately that will not work as it will remember that the card has been printed, you would have to restart the automated printing to get it to print a second card.
You could try to create a layout with 3x layouts within it, all of them identical.
This should then print 3x cards when it prints that template.

I have not tested this but it might be an option to try.

let me know how you get, if you run into problems I can try and test here for you.


Craig Bechelli
CardExchange Solutions Support Team

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