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Defining your own print report

12 years 1 month ago
Rutger Koperdraad
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Defining your own print report #574
The functionality the standard print report in CardExchange is rther limited. You can however exend your reporting capabilitiesby defining yur won prnt report. Please, folow the steps below:
  • Create a new table/worksheet in the database/Excel sheet you are connected to or create in a separate database/Excel sheet for this purpose.
  • Define two columns for this table called TemplateName and NumberOfPrints.
  • If you are using a separate database, add this database to the list of databases on the first page of the data-definition wizard (you need the database module for this, or an Ultimate license) and specify that you do not read data items from this database on the second wizard page.
  • Create a storage item for the NumberOfPrints column on the last wizard page.
    [attachment=2:t1pwouqz]<!-- ia2 -->Data-definition wizard page 6.JPG<!-- ia2 -->[/attachment:t1pwouqz]
  • Select Advanced options and specify that you want to supply a value for the primary key.
    [attachment=0:t1pwouqz]<!-- ia0 -->Storage-item properties.JPG<!-- ia0 -->[/attachment:t1pwouqz]
  • In the mappings, map the database key for the new table to the environment variable Template name.
    [attachment=1:t1pwouqz]<!-- ia1 -->Mappings page.JPG<!-- ia1 -->[/attachment:t1pwouqz]

The new table will now leep track of how many time a certain template is being printed.

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