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Save picture in extra table as thumb and original

5 years 4 days ago 5 years 4 days ago by Ingo Sterthaus.
Ingo Sterthaus
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Save picture in extra table as thumb and original #5938
Hi Guys,

my problem is the following. This is a huge access control system and the pictures are stored in an extra table of the database and this table has two records for every picture that is stored. One thumbnail and one original picture record for each employee. The key to JOIN the picture table with the employee table is the employee number. So the employee number is not unique within the picture table because there is one thumb and one original sized picture.

CardExchange is not able to insert the image data to the picture table because the key (Employee Number) is not unique. I am able to do a work around with help of a VIEW for some database management systems but in this case it is ORACLE and ORACLE doesn't want to store items on complex VIEW.

Enclosed I did a project that describes my problem with help of a MS Access Database. If you have an idea how to store data to the picture table, please tell me. ^^

Btw. the Access Control System is from NEDAP and named AEOS so we can't do changes to their database structure.

Regards Ingo

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5 years 3 days ago
Craig Bechelli
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Save picture in extra table as thumb and original #5945
Hi Ingo,

I have looked into this but I do not think there is anything we can do within CardExchange as we need a unique Primary Key to store anything back to the database.

Like you already said we would suggest creating a view (That is writable) which only contains one entry for each Primary Key, but I understand that this may not be possible.

Unfortunately I think this will have to be solved within the database somehow.


Craig Bechelli
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