Formatting Content data to alternative types and formats

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Formatting Content data to alternative types and formats #7110
Mappable objects properties contain a format option for converting its value to a different type and format. This can be applied to a variety of objects where it is available.

By default, most data is in a decimal format. A drop-down menu is available in the objects Content Properties to convert the data to types: Date/Time, Decimal, Floating Point, Integer, String, or None.

Integer type data can be converted to many types including: Currency, Decimal, Exponential, General, Number, Percent, and Hexadecimal. The other convertible types are not commonly used in our application, but can still be used. All convertible interger types can be found in this Microsoft KB: Standard Number Format Strings

The textbox accepts these values to convert the data respectively: c, d, e, g, n, p, h.

Data/Type values can also accept format values, but standard and custom. More information can be found below:
Custom Date and Time Format Strings
Standard Date and Time Format Strings

You can see an example of converting data to different values in our knowledge base article on reading and saving UID tag data in different formats to a database:
Link to KB article

Additional supporting information on content formatting can be found in the application help file section: Using the Designer / Content

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