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PDF Mapping

6 years 9 months ago
cesar sandoval
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PDF Mapping #4387

I have a database that one of the fields contains the UNC path for a pdf file.
I would like to know if I could reference / map this field in a form and it will retrieve / print the object inside the pdf file.
Such file contains a picture of a customer, we received on a pdf instead of jpg, if this can be done as a PDF would be great or if this could be done as jpg would be good also.

Example: Table: Art
Fields: Name, Date, Path
let's assume record 1 contain the following values
Name:= test Date:= 5/10/13 and Path= \\server2\art\test.pdf
Now we have a form A which contain 3 variables mapped to table Art as follow
Name1 mapped to Name Date1 mapped to Date and Path1 mapped to Path
I would like for path1 to use the file path and open the pdf file in the form can this is possible or I need to change path to picture (j
6 years 9 months ago
Sergio Agostinho
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PDF Mapping #4391
Hi Cesar,

This can be defined in the designer, you need to add an image object and select in the contact tab the column that contains the path to the file.
If the path has already the file extension you can't select an extension in the extensions combo box or CardExchange will read the path and add an extra extension to it.
The pdf support feature is already in our to-do list to be discussed in our next team meeting.

With best regards
Sergio Agostinho