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4 years 5 months ago
Andrew Neal
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Fresh Boarder
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Card Design Listing #6818
Hi there - we have hundreds of card designs for various clubs in the UK but they are not listed alphabetically in the Cards Pane - I think its in order of when they were created. This makes it very difficult to find the correct design quickly.
Is there anyway of changing the sortation of that view?

We are using the Ultimate version of Producer through Win7
Thanks for your help
4 years 5 months ago 4 years 5 months ago by Mike Quintanilla.
Mike Quintanilla
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Card Design Listing #6821
Hi Andrew,
The only way to manage the card templates at this time is through card manager under the configuration tab. Here you can move templates up or down individually to meet your needs but there is no setting to alphabetize automatically or move them in bulk at them at this time.

Mike Quintanilla
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