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Photo Aspect Ratio

6 years 2 months ago
Mark Taylor
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Fresh Boarder
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Photo Aspect Ratio #5907
Hi folks,

Our software seems to be called Card Exchange Producer, so hopefully I'm in the right place.

This software links with some third party software by Nationwide Retail Solutions and imports a photo, which has in turn come from another MIS.

The problem is that the photo is stretched horizontally and I can't see anywhere in the template designer where I can alter the aspect ratio of the placeholder for the image.

Is it possible to alter this aspect ratio, rather than having to edit all the photos?

6 years 1 month ago
Craig Bechelli
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Photo Aspect Ratio #5908
Hi Mark,

You probably want to check the stretch option for the photo under the position tab of the properties window in the CardDesigner.
I have attached a screenshot showing this, uniform would be the best option so that it respects the aspect ratio.


Craig Bechelli
CardExchange Solutions Support Team

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