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Columns in Names list

5 years 10 months ago
Mark Phelan
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Columns in Names list #4617

Is it possible to have more than 7 columns in the names list?
One of our customers would like most of the data to be shown in this list instead of the "Database Data" view at the bottom of the window. They are happy to have a thumbnail of the card preview instead of 100% view to accommodate this on the screen.
They have approximately 15 columns returned by the view.

Furthermore, can the mappings (first name, last name, 2nd last name, personal number, etc) be renamed to match the columns they wish to display?

5 years 10 months ago
Rutger Koperdraad
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Columns in Names list #4619
Hello Mark,

I'm sorry to say, but that is not possible. In a future release we are planning to make it possible to choose your columns and not call them last name, first name, etcetera anymore. then, the direct mappings in the old mappings window will disappear and you need to use the database-column mapping or, even better, map your objects in the designer.


Rutger Koperdraad
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